Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Trail Map and Trail Status at Beavers Bend State Park with the Local Fishing Report and Trout Regulations

Trail map provided by Alan Daniel

Trail Status:
Skyline Train / 8 miles - OPEN

Beaver Lodge Trail / 1 mile - OPEN

Note - The bridges have not yet been rebuilt, so hikers will have to ford Spillway creek or follow the trails used by our trout fisherman.

Beaver Creek (Nature) Trail / 1 mile - OPEN

Cedar Bluff Trail / 1 mile - OPEN

Lookout Mountain Trail / 1 mile - OPEN

Deer Crossing Trail / 2 miles - OPEN

Pine Bluff (Pine Ridge) Trail / 3/4 mile figure 8 - OPEN

Heritage Tree Trail / 1 mile - OPEN

The David L Boren Hiking Trail is 12 miles long and is comprised of the Skyline, Deer Crossing, Lookout Mountain, and South Park Trails. After crossing the spillway the Indian Nations Trail head can be found. Indian Nations Trail is 5 mile long and terminates in the Carsons Creek area.

Though both the David L Boren and Indian Nations trails are considered multi-use trails (mountain bikes allowed), they are very technical, originally being cut for foot traffic only. Mountain biking is NOT recommended on these trails.

For the casual rider, three bike trails have been cut at the Lake View Lodge in the Stephens Gap area. They consist of three concentric circles 1, 2, and 4 miles long.


Fishing Survey Results:
Best Bait - Yellow or Orange Power Bait or Pink Salmon Eggs

Fishing Report: Fishing is really good this weekend. Not only are they hitting hard, but there are some nice sized fish being pulled out of the water. Best time seem to be early morning.

Best Location: Spillway Creek

Stocking days for July 2010:

July 2, 16 and 30

Trout Stocking Schedules Around the State

Sunrise and Sunset Tables

Rules and Regulations
Brown Trout Trout (Entire Stream)

  • Daily Limit - 1

  • Size Limit - 20 inches

Rainbow Trout by Zone

Blue Zone

  • Daily Limit - 6

  • Size Limit - None

  • Use of bait and barbed hooks permitted

Red Zone

  • Daily Limit - 1

  • Size Limit - 20 inches

  • Possession of trout less than 20 inches in these areas is prohibited.

  • Fishing is restricted to barbless hooks, artificial flies and artificial lures only.

  • Fishing with bait or barbed hooks is prohibited.

Licenses and Prices

5 Day Out of State Fishing Licenses with trout stamp are $33.50 for anyone 16 years old or older.

Children under the age of 16 are still required to have a trout stamp to fish in the Mountain Fork river, the cost is $5.00.

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Website

2010 Oklahoma Fishing Guide - .pdf format